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The following New York counties are serviced by our propane delivery supplier Ferrellgas, listen to this message for additional county related coverage.

  • Albany
  • Columbia
  • Fulton
  • Hamilton
  • Montgomery
  • Saratoga
  • Schenectady
  • Schoharie
  • Rensselaer
  • Warren
  • Washington
Here is a summary list of NY towns in our service area (if your town in one of our counties is not listed, let us know!)

Adamsville, Adirondack, Albany, Albia, Alcove, Allentown, Alplaus, Altamont, Ames, Amsterdam, Aqueduct, Aquetuck, Arabia, Archdale, Argusville, Argyle, Arnolds Mill, Ash Grove, Ashland, Athol, Auriesville, Austerlitz, Averill Park, Babcock Lake, Bacon Hill, Bakers Mills, Bakertown, Bald Mountain, Ballard Corners, Ballston Center, Ballston Lake, Ballston Spa, Barberville, Barkers Grove, Barkersville, Barnerville, Batchellerville, Bates, Battenville, Beards Hollow, Beartown, Beckers Corners, Belcher, Bellevue, Bemis Heights, Benedict, Berkshire, Berlin, Berne, Berryville, Best, Bethlehem Center, Bethlehem Heights, Beukendaal, Beyers Corners, Big Hollow, Bingham Mills, Birchton, Bleecker, Bleecker Center, Blue Store, Boght Corners, Bolton, Bolton Landing, Boston Corner, Boyntonville, Bradtville, Braeside, Brainard, Braman Corners, Bramanville, Brant Lake, Brayton, Breakabeen, Brick Tavern, Broadalbin, Broadalbin Junction, Bronck House, Brookman Corners, Brooksburg, Brookview, Broome Center, Browns Hollow, Brunswick Center, Buckleyville, Buel, Burden, Burgoyne, Burnt Hills, Burtonsville, Buskirk, Cairo, Cairo Junction, Cambridge, Canaan, Canaan Center, Canada Lake, Canajoharie, Carlisle, Carlisle Center, Carman, Caroga Lake, Carpenters Corners, Castleton, Cauterskill, Cedar Bluffs, Cedar Hill, Cementon, Center Berlin, Center Cambridge, Center Falls, Center White Creek, Central Bridge, Charleston, Charleston Four Corners, Charlesworth Corners, Charlotteville, Charlton, Chatfield Corner, Chatham, Chatham Center, Cherryplain, Chestertown, Cheviot, Christian Hill, Church Corners, Churchtown, Clarks Corner, Clarks Mills, Clarksville, Clarkville, Clemons, Clermont, Cleverdale, Clifton Park, Climax, Clinton Heights, Clinton Park, Clove, Clums Corner, Cobleskill, Coeymans, Coeymans Hollow, Cohoes, Coila, Coldbrook, Colonie, Columbiaville, Comstock, Conesville, Conklingville, Cook Corners, Cooksburg, Coons, Corinth, Cork, Cornwallville, Cossayuna, Country Knolls, Couse, Coveville, Coxsackie, Cranberry Creek, Crandall Corners, Cranesville, Craryville, Crescent, Crescent Park, Crescent Station, Cropseyville, Crosbyside, Crum Creek, Currytown, Danielstown, Darrowsville, Day Center, Deans Corners, Deans Mill, Decatur, Defreestville, Delanson, Delmar, Dempster Corners, Denault Corners, Dennies Crossing, Dennies Hollow, Diamond Point, Dolgeville, Dorloo, Dormansville, Dresden, Duane, Duane Lake, Duanesburg, Dunham Hollow, Dunnsville, Dunsbach Ferry, Durham, Durkeetown, Durso Corner, Dwelly Corners, Eagle Bridge, Eagle Mills, Eagleville, Earlton, East Berne, East Buskirk, East Chatham, East Cobleskill, East Durham, East Galway, East Glenville, East Grafton, East Greenbush, East Greenville, East Greenwich, East Hartford, East Hebron, East Hillsdale, East Hoosick, East Jefferson, East Jewett, East Line, East Nassau, East Pittstown, East Poestenkill, East Schodack, East Springfield, East Stone Arabia, East Taghkanic, East Township, East Whitehall, East Windham, Eastmor, Easton, Eaton Corners, Eddy Corners, Edgewood, Edinburg, Edwards Hill, Elizaville, Elka Park, Elnora, Elsmere, Eminence, Emmonsburg, Engleville, Ephratah, Eppie Corners, Esperance, Factory Hollow, Factory Village, Fairfield, Fairweather Corners, Fayville, Fenimore, Fernwood, Feura Bush, Fish House, Fitch Point, Flagler Corners, Flat Creek, Flatbrook, Fly Summit, Fonda, Fordsbush, Fort Ann, Fort Edward, Fort Hunter, Fort Hunter, Fort Johnson, Fort Miller, Fort Plain, Fort William Henry, Fortsville, Fourth Lake, Fox Hill, Francis Corners, Franklinton, Frear Park, Freehold, French Mountain, Freysbush, Friends Point, Fullers, Fullers, Fultonham, Fultonville, Gallupville, Galway, Gansevoort, Gardnersville, Garfield, Garnet Lake, Garoga, Garrison Manor, Gates, Gayhead, Germantown, Gifford, Gilbert Corners, Gilboa, Glasgow Mills, Glass Lake, Glen, Glenburnie, Glenco Mills, Glenmont, Glenridge, Glens Falls, Glenville, Glenville Center, Glenwild, Gloversville, Goose Island, Gorthey Corners, Grafton, Grangerville, Grant Hollow, Granville, Grapeville, Graphite, Grays Corners, Green Corners, Green Island, Green River, Greenbush, Greendale, Greenfield Center, Greenport Center, Greenville, Greenville Center, Greenwich, Greenwich Junction, Groom Corners, Grovenor Corners, Guilderland, Guilderland Center, Gurn Spring, Hadley, Hagaman, Hagedorns Mills, Hague, Haines Falls, Halcott Center, Hale Mills, Halfmoon, Halfmoon Beach, Hallsville, Hamburg, Hampton, Hampton Manor, Hampton Park, Hannacroix, Harding Crossing, Harlemville, Harmon Park, Harmony Corners, Harrisburg, Harrower, Hartford, Hartman, Hartmans Corners, Hawthorne Hill, Hawversville, Hemstreet Park, Hensonville, Herkimer, Hervey Street, Hessville, High Falls, High Mills, Hill Corners, Hoag Corners, Hoeseville, Hoffmans, Hoffmeister, Hogtown, Holbrook Corners, Holcombville, Hollowville, Honeywell Corners, Hoosick, Hoosick Falls, Hoosick Junction, Hope Falls, Houcks Corners, Howes Cave, Hudson, Hudson Falls, Huletts Landing, Hungry Hill, Hunter, Huntersland, Hutchinson Crossing, Hyndsville, Igerna, Indian Kettles, Indian Lake, Ingham Mills, Iron Furnace, Jackson Summit, Jacksonburg, Janesville, Jefferson, Jefferson Heights, Jewett, Jewett Center, Johnsburg, Johnsonville, Johnstown, Jonesville, Jordanville, Karlsfeld, Karner, Katskill Bay, Kecks Center, Keesler Corners, Kelleys, Kenwood, Ketchums Corners, Kimball Corners, Kinderhook, Kings, Kings Station, Kingsboro, Kingsbury, Kiskatom, Knappville, Knowelhurst, Knox, Komar Park, Kringsbush, Lake Desolation, Lake George, Lake Luzerne, Lake Pleasant, Lake Sunnyside, Lake Vanare, Lambs Corner, Lanesville, Lansingburgh, Lassellsville, Latham, Lawrenceville, Lawyersville, Lebanon Springs, Ledgewood Park, Lee, Leeds, Leesville, Lexington, Lick Springs, Limestreet, Lincolnville, Lindsley Corners, Linlithgo, Linlithgo Mills, Lisha Kill, Little Falls, Little York, Livingston, Livingstonville, Lorenz Park, Lost Valley, Lotville, Loudonville, Low Hampton, Lower Corners, Lower Rotterdam Junction, Luther, Lutheranville, Lykers, Mackey, Malden Bridge, Malta, Malta Ridge, Maltaville, Mannings Cove, Manny Corners, Manorkill, Manorton, Maple Grove, Maple Shade, Maplecrest, Mapletown, Maplewood, Mariaville, Mariaville Lake, Marshville, Mayfield, Maywood, McCormack Corners, McKinley, McKownville, Meadowdale, Mechanicville, Meco, Medusa, Medway, Mellenville, Melrose, Menands, Middle Falls, Middle Granville, Middlefield, Middle Grove, Middle Sprite, Middleburgh, Miller Corners, Millers Corners, Millertown, Mills Corners, Milton, Milton Center, Minaville, Mindenville, Mineral Springs, Minerva, Mohawk, Mohawk View, Morey Park, Mosherville, Mosquito Point, Mount Hope, Mount Pleasant, Muitzes Kill, Munsonville, Nassau, Nelliston, Nevis, New Baltimore, New Britain, New Concord, New Forge, New Lebanon, New Lebanon Center, New Salem, New Scotland, Newkirk, Newport, Newrys, Newton Hook, Newtonville, Newtown, Niskayuna, Niverville, Normansville, North Argyle, North Bethlehem, North Blenheim, North Bolton, North Broadalbin, North Bush, North Cambridge, North Chatham, North Creek, North Easton, North Galway, North Germantown, North Granville, North Greenfield, North Greenwich, North Hebron, North Hillsdale, North Hoosick, North Lexington, North Milton, North Nassau, North Petersburg, North River, North Schodack, North Settlement, North Stephentown, Northumberland, Northville, Norton Hill, Norway, Oak Hill, Oak Hill, Oak Ridge, Oakdale, Old Central Bridge, Old Chatham, Olmstedville, Omi, Oneida Corners, Onteora Park, Oppenheim, Oregon, Oregon, Otter Hook, Overlook, Owlsville, Pages Corner, Palatine Bridge, Palenville, Palmer, Paradise Beach, Paradise Hill, Parkers Corners, Parkis Mills, Patria, Pattens Mills, Pattersonville, Perth, Peters Corners, Petersburg, Petersburg Junction, Philmont, Pilot Knob, Pine Lake, Pine Grove, Pine Grove, Piseco, Pittstown, Platte Clove, Pleasantbrook, Pleasantdale, Poestenkill, Poolsburg, Porter, Porter Corners, Potter Hill, Potter Hollow, Pottersville, Prattsville, Preston Hollow, Princetown, Progress, Prospect Heights, Pulvers, Pumpkin Hollow, Pumpkin Hook, Purling, Putnam, Putnam Station, Quackenkill, Quaker Springs, Quaker Street, Queechy, Queensbury, Raceville, Ralmar Park, Randall, Randall Corner, Rasbach Corner, Ravena, Raymertown, Rayville, Rectors, Red Bunch Corners, Red Falls, Red Mills, Red Rock, Reidsville, Rensselaer, Rensselaerville, Result, Rexford, Rexleigh, Reynolds, Reynolds Corners, Riceville, Richfield Springs, Richmondville, Riders, Riders Mills, Riley Cove, Riparius, Riverbank, Riverside, Roberts Hill, Rock City, Rock City Falls, Rockhurst, Rockton, Rockwood, Roessleville, Root Center, Rosebloom, Rosecrans Park, Rosemont Park, Rossman, Rotterdam, Rotterdam Junction, Round Lake, Round Top, Ruback Camp, Rural Grove, Rynex Corners, Sabbath Day Point, Saint Johnsville, Salem, Salisbury, Salisbury Center, Salt Springville, Sammonsville, Sand Hill, Sand Lake, Saratoga Lake, Saratoga Springs, Sarren, Schaghticoke, Schaghticoke Hill, Schenectady, Schodack Center, Schodack Landing, Schoharie, Schoharie Junction, Schonowe, Schroon Lake, Schuylerville, Scotch Bush, Scotch Church, Scotchbrush, Scotia, Selkirk, Seward, Shakers, Sharon, Sharon Center, Sharon Springs, Shaw Corners, Sherwood Park, Shushan, Shutter Corners, Silver Bay, Silvernails, Sky Ranch, Slateville, Slingerlands, Sliters, Sloansville, Slyboro, Smiths Corners, Snake Hill, Snyders Corner, Snyderville, Sodom, South Albany, South Amsterdam, South Argyle, South Bay, South Berne, South Bethlehem, South Cairo, South Cambridge, South Corinth, South Durham, South Easton, South Galway Corner, South Gilboa, South Glens Falls, South Granville, South Greenfield, South Hartford, South Horicon, South Jefferson, South Jewett, South Schenectady, South Schodack, South Westerlo, Southwest Hoosick, Spaulding Furnace, Spawn Hollow, Speculator, Speigletown, Spencertown, Spraguetown, Sprakers, Springfield, Sprout Brook, Spruceton, Stairs Corners, Staleyville, Stanford Heights, Starbuckville, Starks Knob, Starkville, Steele Corners, Stephentown, Stephentown Center, Stever Mill, Stillham, Stillwater, Stillwater Junction, Stockport, Stone Arabia, Stone Ridge, Stony Creek, Stony Point, Stoodley Corners, Stottville, Stratford, Stuyvesant, Stuyvesant Falls, Summit, Sunnyside, Sunside, Surprise, Sweets Crossing, Sycaway, Taborton, Taghkanic, Tamarack, Tenantville, The Glen, The Plains, Thompsons Lake, Thomson, Thurman, Tiplady, Tomantown, Tomhannock, Travers Corners, Tribes Hill, Tripoli, Troy, Truthville, Tucker Heights, Twilight Park, Union Mills, Unionville, Upper Hollowville, Ushers, Vail Mills, Valatie, Valatie Colony, Valley Brook, Valley Falls, Van Allen Park, Van Deusenville, Van Hornesville, Vaughns Corners, Verdoy, Victory Mills, Viewmonte, Vintonton, Vischer Ferry, Voorheesville, Wallins Corners, Walloomsac, Warnerville, Warrensburg, Waterford, Waterville, Watervliet, Watsonville, Wayville, Weed Mines, Wellsville, Wemple, West Albany, West Athens, West Berne, West Bush, West Cambridge, West Charlton, West Conesville, West Copake, West Corners, West Coxsackie, West Day, West Durham, Westford, West Fort Ann, West Fulton, West Galway, West Ghent, West Glens Falls, West Granville, West Greenville, West Hebron, West Hill, West Hoosick, West Jefferson, West Jewett, West Kill, West Lebanon, West Middleburgh, West Milton, West Perth, West Richmondville, West Saint Johnsville, West Sand Lake, West Settlement, West Stephentown, West Taghkanic, West Township, Westerlo, Westmere, Wevertown, Wheeler Estates, Wheelerville, White Creek, Whitehall, Whiteside Corners, Willow Brook Park, Willow Glen, Wilton, Windham, Wolf Hill, Woodruff Heights, Woodstock, Wright, Wyatts, Wynantskill, Wyomanock, Yaddo, Yosts

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